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Microdermabrasion/Glycolic Peel
A skin resurfacing treatment that removes blemishes, scars, wrinkles, and sun damages spots leaving the skin radiant and flawless.
$150/treatment $900 for 7 treatments

Detoxifying Facial with Peel
Suggested for acne skin types to combat under the surface breakouts.

Detoxifying Facial
Designed for oily to acne skin types that are in need of a deep cleansing that include extraction of congested pores.

Milk and Honey Hydrating Facial
Perfect for dry, dehydrated, and severely dry skin types to relieve skin from tightness and flaking.

Citrus Brightening Facial
This facial will leave you refreshed and anew as it evens skin toned and lightens blemishes.

Cucumber and Milk Mini Facial
This deep cleansing facial is guaranteed to bring your face to life in half the time.